Review #27 Pushed Too Far by Ann Voss Peterson

There is a definite stereotype (perhaps, deserved for some of them) of romance novelists as being inferior writers. After all, everything about their scripting IS a stereotype. Beautiful, meek woman meets ridiculously handsome… Continue reading

Review #26: Too Close to Miss by John Perich

Yet another book set in Boston. I think that’s at least my fourth this year? This one actually does a fairly great job of utilizing the city. I’m not sure why it’s become… Continue reading

Review #25: Blindman’s Bluff by Faye Kellerman

I read this book about two or three week’s ago and as I sat to write this review had the hardest time remembering what it was about. Then I stared at the title… Continue reading

Review #24: The Night Season by Chelsea Cain

The Night Season features two main characters from Chelsea Cain’s “Heart” series, Detective Archie Sheridan and reporter Susan Ward. It has been several months since the end of the Heart trilogy, and psychopath… Continue reading

To Review

Need a little break from reviewing, but I’ve been reading! Pushed Too Far – Ann Voss Peterson Too Close to Miss – John Perich Messy – The Fug Girls, Heather Cocks and Jessica… Continue reading

BBC Book Quiz – How Many have You Read?

How many have YOU read? All the ones I’ve read are marked with an X. I’m at 16. I’ve read a ton of these (ALL the Dickens) in the kids’ versions, but I… Continue reading

My Reading Personality

According to Book Browse Your Reading Personality: Serial Reader! You may read a lot or a little, but either way you’re a publisher’s dream, because once you discover a favorite writer you stick… Continue reading

Review #23: Untouchable by Scott O’Connor

Untouchable is the coming-to-grips story of David Darby, the single father of 12 year old Whitley. Both Darby and Whitley (aka “The Kid”) have been trying to cope for the last year with… Continue reading

Review #22: Live to Tell by Lisa Gardner

Live to Tell is part of the D.D. Warren series. In this tale, Gardner uses three distinct characters’ narratives to interweave her story. First is D.D. Warren, who is a detective on the… Continue reading

Petalfrog’s Review #21: Gone Baby Gone by Dennis Lehane

Patrick Kenzie and Angie Genarro are private detectives in Dorchester, Massachusetts, one of the “toughest” neighborhoods of Boston. They are hired to find Amanda McCready, the four year old daughter of neglectful Helene… Continue reading