Review–Pop Goes the Weasel by M.J. Alridge (Helen Grace book #2)

Pop Goes the Weasel is the second of the DI Helen Rome series by M.J. Alridge. My review for the first book, Eeny Meeny, can be found here. Unfortunately, Alridge did not recapture… Continue reading

Review–Eeny Meeny by M.J. Alridge (Helen Grace Book #1)

This book was a great thriller with some interesting and exciting characters. Detective Helen Grace is a hard-edged female detective in a British town. She has an excellent track record and runs her… Continue reading

Review–Beside Myself by Ann Morgan

Beside Myself is Ann Morgan’s debut novel and it is quite brilliant. Helen and Ellie are 6-year-old identical twins who are, in fact, separable. Helen is assertive and, at times, quite cruel to… Continue reading

Review–No Other Darkness by Sarah Hilary

In No Other Darkness, the second in the DI Marnie Rome series, DI Rome must solve a truly bizarre case. The bodies of two children are found in an underground bunker, well-taken care… Continue reading

Review–Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

David Harwood is a widower, father of an elementary-schooled aged son, and recent life failure. He moved to Boston to take a position as a reporter for a well-regarded local position before deciding… Continue reading

Mini Review–Awake by Natasha Preston

In this YA book, Scarlett is a normal teen aside from one small detail–she doesn’t remember anything prior to the age of 4. When a sweet, handsome guy starts at her school, she… Continue reading

Mini Review–An Evil Mind by Chris Carter

This is Chris Carter’s sixth book featuring Robert Hunter, ex-criminal behaviour psychologist and lead detective of the Ultra Violent Crime Unit of the LAPD, but the first that I have had the opportunity… Continue reading

Review–The Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman

Five stars–another hit out the park for Jonathan Kellerman with this standalone novel.

Review–The Bones of You by Debbie Howells

In a quiet English town, the teenaged daughter of a well-known news reporter goes missing. Her name is Rosie and she is a quiet young lady, getting ready to go off to university.… Continue reading

Review–Perfect Angel by Seth Margolis

This is an interesting book. It was written in the late 90s but seems to be only released now? I am not sure why that is, but it did make for an interesting… Continue reading