I have always been a voracious reader. I devour books like nobody’s business. So it only made sense that I would join Pajiba’s Cannonball Read with the mission to complete 52 books over one year. I have been reading this great movie website Pajiba for several years now. In 2008 one of the loyal readers, Alabama Pink, passed away from cancer. The Cannonball Read was developed as a way to memorialize her and also to contribute to her son’s college fund. You can read more about the history of the CBR here. Once I finished my 52 books (and provide reviews for each) I indirectly contributed to this amazing cause. I easily completed the 2013 Read and wrote all my reviews, but did burn out on writing reviews in 2014. I definitely read my 52 though! Lately, I’ve been getting the majority of my books from Netgalley, a great website that allows members to browse and read books for free. In exchange, I do write reviews of the books I read through them, so I decided to start adding these reviews to my blog. Enjoy!