Mini Review–The Golem of Paris by Jonathan and Jesse Kellerman


I love Jonathan Kellerman. His books are my absolutely favorites. I found this novel, a collaboration with his son Jesse, to be a little odd but ultimately enjoyable. Set in several time periods (modern day, thecover74439-medium Cold War), The Golem of Paris follows LAPD detective Jacob Lev as he attempts to solve a bizarre double murder. He ultimately discovers a similar cold case in Paris and follows the clues there. Two elements make this story unique and not just a traditional detective novel–first, Jacob is Jewish and many elements of the Jewish faith and culture are pulled into the story, weaving all the elements together. Second, there are certain supernatural elements (involving the titular Golem) that require a certain suspension of disbelief in what is otherwise a mainstream detective novel. Overall, this was not my favorite Kellerman but certainly a very unique book that is worth a read.

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.