Mini Review–Awake by Natasha Preston

In this YA book, Scarlett is a normal teen aside from one small detail–she doesn’t remember anything prior to the age of 4. When a sweet, handsome guy starts at her school, she is excited to have a boyfriend even though he often pries about her forgotten memories. After an unfortunate accident, she begins to have glimpses of strange memories… could these be her forgotten memories? If so, what does this mean for Scarlet? Is she who she thinks she is? Has her family betrayed her?

I enjoy a good YA as much as the next way-older-than-young-adult, but I found the entire premise of this book to be so silly that it was hard to enjoy. Most people do not have solid memories prior to the age of 4, so I’m not sure why this is supposed to be such a distinguishing aspect of Scarlet’s life. On top of that, all the hints and hush hushness of what was going on by various characters just annoyed me… people talking in vagueries about what happened despite Scarlett not being present (i.e., just to keep the reader in the dark since no one actually talks like that in real life). I guess I felt this book just lacked the maturity that I’ve found in other YA books that I have enjoyed more. I supposed that’s what happens when you’re double the age of the target audience!

I received this book for free from Netgalley