Mini Review–An Evil Mind by Chris Carter

This is Chris Carter’s sixth book featuring Robert Hunter, ex-criminal behaviour psychologist and lead detective of the Ultra Violent Crime Unit of the LAPD, but the first that I have had the opportunity to read. In this book, a “freak” accident leads to someone from Hunter’s past being arrested by the FBI for the murders of two women. Hunter is called to Quantico for both his professional and personal knowledge. There he comes face to face with his handsome, charismatic, and possibly sociopathic old friend. Hunter must determine his friend’s innocence or guilt, while also protecting his own emotions around the case.

This was an interesting and suspenseful book. Everything takes place over the course of only a day or two so the action is quick-paced with little room to take a breath. Hunter is a pretty good lead and I enjoyed his dynamic with the tough female FBI agent Taylor. The book definitely is intended to mess with reader’s mind as we try to figure out Hunter and Taylor will solve the mystery, and potentially save some lives. I would read more of Carter’s books as this one kept my interest throughout.

I received this book for free from Netgalley