Review–Perfect Angel by Seth Margolis

This is an interesting book. It was written in the late 90s but seems to be only released now? I am not sure why that is, but it did make for an interesting reading experience with the talk of the “excess of the 80s” and “value isthe new 90s” and lack of cell phones. One of the characters even had dial-up internet!

Julia Mallett just turned 35. She’s single, successful, and mom to a 4-year-old girl. She’s living the dream in New York City until the night of her 35th birthday party–her six best friends from college (all but one conveniently living in NYC, over a decade after graduation) ask her to hypnotize them like she used to in college. The hypnosis goes array and she ends up having to transport everyone back to their childhood to rein them in before bringing them out of hypnosis. The very next day a woman in her building is found murdered with a cryptic message spray-painted on the wall next to her. The message links the murdered to Julia’s friends… but which one can it be?

This book is a pretty standard, middle of the road mystery thriller. Julie is pretty likeable, as is the detective (Ray) who is investigating the murders. They make a pretty good team. The mystery reveals itself in a relatively interesting way, although I was hoping for some type of twist ending. I think my only beef with the book was how Ray’s side storyline was handled–there is a pretty detailed description of a rape Ray witnessed that adds nothing to the story, so I literally just skipped over those. Also, his final decision at the end was just flat-out irritating and made no sense for what we know of his character.

I received this book for free from Netgalley.