Quick Review–Cold Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff

I have been lucky enough to have communication with Alexandra Sokoloff after I reviewed her book, Book of Shadows, on my blog. She sent me an e-version of the first book in this series–Huntress Moon. She also sent me a signed copy of her book The Price. She’s clearly a very sweet and dedicated author which I love! Anyways, Cold Moon is the third in the Huntress/FBI series and wraps up the story of FBI agent Matthew Roarke and serial killer Cara Lindstrom. These two are always waging a war of being enemies by law, but also deeply connected emotionally. In Cold Moon, Lindstrom finds herself an ally of prostitutes in L.A. In fact, she finds that there are others who are willing to follow her vigilantism. Roarke and his team must crack a series of murders of johns and pimps, working to sort out who was killed by Cara and who by her copycats. The book itself is quite interesting and a bit complicated plot-wise. It held my interest quite well, although I do think it was a bit long and dragged at some points. I also think that for such a character-driven series, I still feel like Roarke and Cara lack some kind of “oomph” in their character development. I do enjoy Sokoloff’s style in general and will continue to read her books.

I received this book for free from Netgalley.