Review #20: Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner

Oddly enough when I read the back of this book I thought for sure that it was one of the few Lisa Gardner books I had not read. Yet, as I started reading the book I realized I had indeed read it. I had an incredible sense of deja vu throughout the book but could not remember what actually happened, so in a sense it was like reading the book for the first time.

This book features Kimberly Quincy, an FBI special agent working in evidence collection. Kimberly receives a bizarre call one night from a local PD, requesting her to come in and talk to a prostitute who will only speak to her. The prostitute tells Kimberly about her belief that prostitutes are being murdered by one of her johns, a man who calls himself Dinchara. Dinchara is obsessed with spiders, and certainly is a very shady character. Kimberly, despite her better instincts teams up with a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent to chase the case.

Kimberly is five months pregnant, and the personal side of her tale involves her ongoing conflict with her husband, Mac, over her determination to work on the case even though it is not even FBI jurisdication. There is also an interesting dynamic between her and the GBI agent she’s working with. Kimberly is a well-thought out and a deep and conflicted character. Garnder in general is very good at creating exciting, interesting, and flawed protagonists. You root for them because they are not perfect.

The real star of this novel, however, is Dinchara. His backstory is told to us through his first-person perspective in flashbacks. In the present he is the embodiment of evil–willing to hurt anyone physically and mentally to meet his needs. However, at one time he was a child who the victim of an unthinkable evil known as The Burgerman. The Burgerman is enough to inspire nightmares… the very thought that someone out there like this exists is enough to make my skin crawl.

I really enjoyed this book. I am a fan of Lisa Gardner anyways, and I prefer the Quincy family series over the DD Warren series. This story is fast-paced and dynamic. It keeps you guessing and has enough shocks to make it more than worth it.