Review #10 – No Shelter by Robert Swartwood

This is the third book by Robert Swartwood that I have read (see a review for Man of Wax here), and I am seeing that his style is quite distinctive. So far it seems that there is some version of “hold loved ones hostage to make protagonist do something they don’t want to.” This is fine, since it certainly provides lots of action, but I would like to see him vary it up a bit.

This time our protagonist is Holly Lin, nanny by day, assassin by night. She is a kick ass, but deeply flawed character. We get some background on her as the book progresses, and get the sense that she was once the top of her field but events over the last couple years are causing her to unravel a bit. She’s taking risks where she normally wouldn’t and going off books too often. It’s this that drives the storyline. Holly is assigned to take out a big-time terrorist and procure a flash-drive with his secrets on it. She does this, but also gets herself emotionally wrapped up in some human trafficking. Essentially, she decides to take the trafficking into her own hands and winds up in BIG trouble. These events happen in two “acts” that seem pretty separated from each other. A third “act” takes place and its this that sets the stage for the final “act” and the meat of the story. Until this fourth act, I felt uncertain of where (if anywhere) the plot was going, although I was enjoying Holly’s ride. There was certainly no lack of action, but Swartwood also makes sure to flesh out Holly’s character (which makes it a shame the cover makes her look like that psycho schoolgirl from Kill Bill).

This is the first in (I assume) a soon-to-be-added-to series, so we’ll see more of Holly I am sure. There is enough of a setup at the end of this book to carry another one for sure. Hopefully Swartwood keeps pumping out books!

This was an ebook and available for (I believe) $2.99 on Amazon Kindle.