Review # 1 – Seed by Ania Ahlborn

I read this book on my Kindle ($2.99!), and it was certainly a fun, quick read (approx. 176 pgs) . This is the story of Jack Winter, who following a car accident, begins to notice odd changes in his 6-year old daughter. He recognizes these from his own childhood, and the narrative switches between the present and Jack’s childhood as he attempts to save his daughter and his family.

The novel is billed as a horror story in the vein of Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn. However, those two authors tend more towards the torture-porn genre. Seed is more along the lines of “Insidious” than the “Hostel” movies. There is no attempt at gross-out or torture violence in this novel, and the entire book reads like a pitch for a B-horror movie. It deals with issues of good vs. evil, yet I wish some motivation for the “evil” was provided. I never quite understood why Jack and his family was targeted by the evil forces described. There is some allusion as to why his youngest daughter was the target of evil, but this could have been fleshed out more. In the end, given the length of the book, I suppose some plot holes are to be expected!

At the same time, there are some genuinely shocking moments (which would look quite nice on the big screen) yet I never felt quite terrified. Horror novels are tough to achieve true, genuine, terror and I think that this first-time author missed that mark, although I did experience some chills. I do prefer to be completely scared when I read horror (I measure it by whether I can read it before bed), but still felt satisfied after reading this. Again, this is a quick read and is overall quite enjoyable.